Monday, October 5, 2009

The Big Move!

We woke up early on the morning of Tuesday, August 18, and headed out! Sam was amazing and drove us the entire way, since I wasn't too keen on driving the huge U-Haul with our car being towed behind. 
Here we are setting off!
We drove and drove and got to Tucson, Arizona, around 12:30 am. We stayed with Sam's sister, Amanda, and her husband, Dan, for 2 days. Then, it was back into the cramped cab of the U-Haul and off to Texas!
The drive through New Mexico went pretty quickly. We didn't experience much of it, other than seeing old, abandoned cars and trucks turned upside down in fields, garbage lining the roads, and other interesting sights. We stopped at a gas station, and I got out to use the bathroom, only to find a huge swarm of hundreds of bees all around the door! I am not a big fan of bees. In fact, I don't like them much at all. Especially after reading about the killer bee attacks. And due to the fact that I tend to attract quite a bit of trouble, I stayed far away. Somehow, a bee still landed on my foot and crawled around until Sam got it away. I decided to lock myself in the cab of the truck and watch as the natives walked through the bees as if they did not exist. Finally, the store manager came out with something to swat the bees with, but they all started flying inside the store, so he gave it up. Somehow the whole situation was rather comical!
Here is a picture taken from my perch inside the cab while I waited for Sam. You can't see the bees very well, but I promise, they were everywhere!
We finally entered Texas, and what a joy that was! We felt that we were nearing the end of our journey, but in reality, we had another 15+ hours in front of us. After our drive through El Paso with Mexico on one side and Texas on the other (I'm so glad we live in America! It was devastating to see the contrast between the areas on either side of the freeway.), a pretty huge rainstorm hit. Not wanting to take any chances with our big truck towing the car, we pulled off and waited until it subsided a little bit.

Rainclouds in the distance
We crashed into a motel in Seguin, Texas (just outside of San Antonio) at about 2:00 in the morning, and then stumbled back onto the road at 5:30. Just 3 hours or so later, though, we made it to Houston! Just in time to see this beautiful sunrise!
We are having a great time here. We are really settling in, and Sam is enjoying his research and classes a lot. We're getting used to milk lids you pop on instead of screw on, horizontal stoplights instead of vertical, absolutely insane amounts of traffic, cheap gas prices :), lots of heat and humidity, big bugs, cloudy skies, rainy weeks, and friendly Texans!

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  1. I sincerely hope you didn't literally crash INTO the hotel!


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