Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Although we didn't really have a Halloween costume for Talmage, we did have several outfits that could be geared toward Halloween! So I tortured poor Talmage with lots of clothing changes and about a million pictures...

Someone in our ward gave us this little onesie. It's a little too big for Talmage, so the leg holes hung around his knees. I love his little grin in this picture!
"I love my mummy!"
How about a little chick?
Our proper little son with his hands folded nicely...
And my personal favorite...the lil' puppy!
Pant, pant
These next three illustrate some of the silly faces Talmage keeps us laughing with!
He often pulls on his eyes, or sometimes sticks his fingers right in!
Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. He could have a treat at my house any time! Or maybe I should say he is a treat at your house. So cute.


  2. How do you get the background so black? You're going to have to teach me a few things about baby photography when you come.

  3. I wish I could claim it was my awesome photography skills, but it's actually just our LoveSac! :) Thanks for your comments, by the way-they make my day!


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