Monday, October 5, 2009

A Zipline and Some Pregnant Women

Our last days in Utah were a crazy whirlwind of events. After packing all week with the help of my mom and sister (thanks!), we graduated (see below). Immediately after convocation, we came back to our apartment where family was waiting to help us load everything up. We filled a big trailer, which my parents took up to Kaysville, and then finished cleaning and checking out of the apartment. Late that night, we got to Kaysville where we crashed and spent the next couple of days in hurried, last minute preparations for our big move!
On Sunday, we returned to Provo for Church and to say final good-byes. We then returned to Kaysville, and early Monday morning, we picked up our U-Haul. We loaded it up, transferring our things from the house and trailer, and that afternoon headed up to Heber Valley Camp to be part of the White Family Reunion for a couple of hours.
They had a zipline (I sat out, considering the pregnancy...). Here is Sam getting ready to climb up and cross the log to the zipline!

Just leaving the platform...
...and ending the thrilling ride!
My 10-year-old sister, Avalon, after her turn.
Losaunne, 17
Bronson, 9, "ran" like crazy through the air throughout his entire ride!
3 pregnant girls! Laura (sister-in-law), who is due right around Thanksgiving, Jocilyn (sister), who just had her baby on September 25, and me, who should deliver sometime this week! And, we are all having boys!

Even though we could only be there for a little while, it was fun to be there while we could.


  1. Bob says you should name your son James - we already talked to Laura about naming hers John. Then Mom and Dad could have grandsons Peter, James, and John :).


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