Friday, July 24, 2009

Duck Date

Sam and I went on a date to Paul Ream Wilderness Park. This park has some memories tied to it-when I was a year old, my family came here and fed the ducks. We have it on a family home video, and it is the funniest thing...while everyone else is intently feeding the ducks, I am wandering off, dancing around a tree, nonchalantly eating the piece of bread that was intended for the ducks. I haven't changed much...I'm still in my own little world.
So we went on a date back to that park! It was so much fun. This time I actually gave the ducks the bread.




A bunch of kids came up, and Sam had the thoughtful idea to go ask if they wanted some bread! The first little boy he asked said yes (you can see him just to the left of Sam), but he misunderstood, and when Sam gave it to him he started eating it! Sam quickly told him he could feed it to the ducks...a wise move considering it was moldy bread! The kids thought it was the coolest thing!
I love how everyone is lined up in this picture.
This is our friend mohawk duck. You can call him Mo.

After we fed the ducks and had a picnic, we played with our giant frisbee.

Good times!

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