Thursday, June 11, 2009


Here are some pictures from the ultrasound I had on May 20! It was so fun to see our baby moving around on the screen, to look at the heart, and to find out the gender! It's a boy!!!

We were able to see him bring up his little tiny hand to his cheek and start rubbing around up there, and then he started making a bunch of sucking/chewing movements that were absolutely adorable! I told Sam he is taking after him because he's already practicing how to eat...:)

Below are some of the pictures we got from the ultrasound.



And here is a picture of me at about 23 weeks!

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  1. Happy Birthday Preggo! Hope it's a GREAT one!

    I'm so relieved you will no longer be adding to the teen pregnancy statistics. Congratulations for the graduation to your 20's! Amazing how it seems like it was not too long ago that you were turning -4. :)


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