Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Beginning

Well, we've had this blog for awhile now, but I wanted to start at the beginning and document our lives together from day one. So here is a flashback to about 5 months ago, December 27, 2008:

Coming out of the Mt. Timpanogos temple!

Here is the whole gang.

The typical picture of the "forced cheer," while those who are more inhibited simply smile...

In this one, our photographer told the newlyweds to kiss, and Jocilyn and Ryan thought she was referring to them! :)

Notice here their sheepish smiles.

White Family (minus Breanne, who is on a mission in Taiwan!)

Brady Family (minus Joseph, who is on a mission in Guatemala)

White Parents!

Dad & I

Mom & I

Brady Parents!

Dad & Sam

Mom & Sam

Sam & I with Bonnie, a woman he taught on his mission-she was on a mission at temple square when we got married!

And now, for some of our favorite couple pictures!

I love Sam's face on this one.

So Sam was supposed to dip me down and kiss me. After about ten seconds...

...I couldn't contain my laughter any longer!

My arms got progressively redder as we were out longer-it was only about 12 degrees when we were getting our pictures taken!

One of many pictures we got after wading through the foot-deep snow-I think my feet were in the beginning stages of frostbite when I hobbled back into the temple to change! A sweet lady came over with a blanket/shawl thing and started wrapping it around my feet to thaw them out!

Sam wrapped me in his coat in between pictures.

When we were done with pictures, Sam swept me off my feet and carried me back out onto the sidewalk! The photographer snapped a few more shots. :)

My flowers froze outside the temple, and when they thawed out the lilies were nothing more than limp strands of petals. So the flower shop repaired my bouquet with what they had on hand for the reception.
This is Sam & I with my sweet Grandma Campbell!

With Grandma & Grandpa White

A good friend of mine, Natalie

Sam & I decorated our wedding cake!

The finished product:

This cake would soon be completely smashed into my face by that innocent looking guy there...

Here he is, caught in the act!

Weird picture of me, but it shows the aftermath!

The events leading up to our wedding day and our wedding day kept us so incredibly busy-life was crazy! We were trying to get checked out of our apartments, moved into our new one, take care of all of the Christmas festivities, make our wedding slideshow, drive all over Utah in efforts to take care of everything, and the list goes on...and on...

The night before our wedding, I only got 3 hours of sleep, and Sam scarcely got more than that. We were both averaging about 4 hours of sleep per night for the few weeks leading up to the wedding. Added to that exhaustion, his car broke down literally in the temple parking lot, so hurried arrangements were made to get us up to our reception and later, on our honeymoon. The day was filled with craziness, and the craziness hasn't stopped since we began this wild ride together! But we are loving our journey toward eternity together, and through all of life's stressors, Sam has only gotten sweeter. Never an unkind word escapes his lips, and his actions are always full of service and thoughtfulness. Life together is utterly blissful!

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