Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some More Birthday Fun

It was my birthday on June 13! Sam is incredibly thoughtful, and he made the day fantastic. First, when I woke up, I discovered a delightful book he had made that went through the events of the last year, ending by saying we were going to review that year throughout the day. Our first date was on June 14, so it really had been almost exactly one year since we had been together!
Well, our first date was to the Clark Planetarium, where we watched a documentary about a mountain climber in the IMAX theatre. So Sam surprised me with tickets to the planetarium, and after a lunch of chicken garlic alfredo pizza and garlic bread he made for us, we were off to Salt Lake!
This time the feature film was:

Here we are with our 3-D glasses on, waiting for the movie to start!
The movie was great! It was bizarre to watch and see sea lions frolicking right in front of your face and bubbles surrounding you-it was the most realistic 3-D movie I had ever seen! After the movie, we stayed and played a little bit.
Here is Sam visiting Mars!
And then I went to the moon.
Sam was very good at the True/False space trivia game!
We also got to be weather people on TV!

Here you can see Sam's weight on Jupiter! Wow! I'll refrain from posting mine...

After our fun at the planetarium, we started home. However, after a few miles on the freeway, an incredible downpour began! (Well, incredible for Utah, anyway.) It was like driving underwater...very unsafe! So we pulled off the freeway and took a little nap in the parking lot of a golf course while we waited for the rain to ease up a bit. We got back on the freeway a while later and were glad we had decided to stop when we saw all of the police cars and ambulances attending to the accidents dotting the road.

We got home and Sam hurriedly started making me a birthday cake.
What a great birthday! Sam devoted his labors to me the entire day. He also got me Steven Kapp Perry's "Come to the House of the Lord," which is one of my favorite compilations of music. It is beautiful! About 5 years ago, I left my CD at an activity and never found it again. A few months ago, I told Sam the story and told him how sad I was about it. So he replaced it for me! I have been listening to it a LOT since then. :) 
I also really appreciated the thoughtfulness of other family members. Thanks to everyone for a great birthday!!!

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