Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our Humble Home

Here are a few pictures of our apartment, taken right after we moved in.

The living room

Sam playing the piano

Our kitchen-with the lovely avocado green stove!

Our bedroom-my Grandma Campbell made us the quilt, and my Grandma & Grandpa White gave us all of the bedroom furniture!

And here's our bathroom-Sam's brother, Joseph, made him a fish that we put in there. We took some pictures of it to send to Joseph on his mission...

And finally, a little random bit of fun for Sam's family. 
This picture was taken of Joseph when Sam's family was on a trip last year in Ocean City.

Sam wanted to take a look-alike picture to send him! :)


  1. I almost don't recognize you in these pictures. You've really changed a lot in the past few months. Or maybe it's just the lighting or something because you don't look that different from your wedding pics - minus the massive dress of course. By the way, I think you look very cute and preggo, not at all chunky!

  2. On second though, maybe it's the long hair that seems so strange, I'm just not sure...


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