Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hike Date

I love going on hikes (I'm going to miss the Utah mountains!!!), so Sam surprised me the other day with a hike date! We went up and hiked around a little bit by Bridal Veil Falls and then enjoyed a picnic dinner. It was sprinkling off and on throughout the evening, so we were the only ones on the trail!

Sam showed me his amazing skills:

I was duly impressed!

Here's where we ate our picnic-right next to this very pretty river. It was really dark, though, so I tried out the nighttime feature on our camera, but I didn't hold my hand steady enough. Sorry it's blurry!


Here's a picture of a cool plant we saw:

And a broken tree:

It was a fun night!

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  1. Yo homie! I'm commenting on your blog. I believe you told me to do this yesterday? Anyway... I like it! I love all the pictures. You and Sammy-boy (does he mind if I call him that? If so... too bad ;)) are so cute! And... Once you're a mom, you dern well better continue to keep this current. Cuz guess what? You'll be out of the STATE! I almost said country. Close enough. *Sigh* This will probably be the only means of communication I'll have with you. Oh and Facebook. Oh and email. Oh and telephone. But you know. :) Now that I've successfully rambled on forever... Which reminds me! I got a blog. Clever, eh? It's a work in progress... so don't judge yet! :) Love ya woman!


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