Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sam!!!

On May 26, it was Sam's 24th birthday! Our celebration wasn't anything too fancy, since he was covered in organic chemistry homework all day, but we managed to get a little bit of fun in!
First, we made a return to a place we would frequent when we were dating:  Provo's Bicentennial Park. Sam took me on a picnic there when we were dating, and we returned several times. So, I prepared a lunch of black bean burgers (our food of choice on our picnics), and we were off! I told Sam to close his eyes, and then I guided him over to our picnic spot by a quiet little pond.
Here's our picnic!

After our lunch, we played Mancala!
Then we went home, and I made Sam's birthday cake. I pulled it out of the oven, poured the glaze on it, and I was so excited to make it a birthday cake that I stuck the candles in right away. I failed to realize that the inside of the cake was hot, however...hot enough to MELT the bottoms off of the candles! After about 2 minutes they all started toppling over! I was confused until I pulled a candle out and realized all the wax was gone from the bottom, infused in the cake!

Here is a picture I took after attempting to repair it. After this, I decided to stick the cake in the refrigerator and repair it after it cooled down and the candles hardened again!
We had a birthday dinner complete with party hats and a silly joke book! (My personal favorite is:  What kind of clothing does a city wear? Outskirts!)
Here is the birthday boy, feeling pretty stressed and worn out by this point-can you see his tired eyes?

Sam requested Thai Curry. I had never made it before, but I went to the Asian food supply store, and they outfitted me with such interesting ingredients as fish paste, tamarind, and coconut milk in order to make it! Even though it kind of looks like dog food, it actually turned out to be pretty good!
Refrigerating the cake worked! Here's Sam blowing out his candles, which are now upright. What you can't see is that every piece of cake had a hardened section of candle wax in it...
And here's the birthday boy with his presents! Two packages of socks, some pencils, some markers, a stapler...yep, mostly practical items. I guess that's how birthdays work when you're a college student! We did, however, spice it up with a some of his favorite candy bars and his favorite board game!
It was such a fun day!


  1. You know, regarding melting the candles in the cake - I did the *exact* same thing a few years ago. Nothing better than digging out pieces of wax with your fingers, then covering the resulting holes with icing so hopefully it won't show

  2. Wow, you're smarter than I am-I didn't even think of trying to cover the holes with icing! :)


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