Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun at the Laundromat

While we were dating, Sam and I liked to do our homework together. However, due to the fact that our apartments both tended to get somewhat noisy and distracting, we needed to find another place to work. We chose the laundromat that was across the street! Not only was this place seldom busy with other people, we got to do our homework to the Captain America theme song that would emit from one of the video games about every 5 minutes! :)
Here is Sam on one such evening, prior to our marriage.
Here I am, wearing Sam's coat he would always wrap me up in.
So we actually celebrated Sam's birthday on the 25th of May, rather than the 26th, since the 25th was Memorial Day and we had the day off of school/work. How did we spend the evening of the 26th (his actual birthday)?
Doing laundry, at the very place from which we have so many memories!
Sam is being dignified.
I am not.
I wonder if once the pressures of school let up we'll still get a kick out of very simple things like giant dryers...

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