Thursday, January 14, 2021

COVID for Christmas Part 6: Christmas Eve Shepherd's Dinner

Sam had the day off on Christmas Eve, so we got to enjoy being with him all day long.
After we finished the gingerbread village, I cleaned up the kitchen and made rolls while Sam and the kids watched some of Star Wars
We recently started using the ClearPlay filter on Amazon Video and it has opened up a lot more movies we feel comfortable watching! We can easily go through and customize exactly what we want to skip in movies--like language, sexuality, violence, and even crude humor or words like "shut up" if we choose.
We've been really impressed with the filter and grateful that it gives us some more options for movies. So the boys have finally started watching Star Wars with Sam.

After they finished, I sent them upstairs to clean their room until it was spotless and change into their Christmas pajamas.
Meanwhile, Sam and I prepared for our shepherd's feast.
I have loved doing this the past couple of years! It gives us a meaningful dinner together on Christmas Eve without having a lot of work for a fancy dinner or a lot of clean-up in the evening when we really need to be making Christmas preparations.
We laid out rolls, french bread, a variety of cheeses, some dried and fresh fruit, nuts, and jerky.
We pulled out scarves for the boys to wear like shepherds, and we ate picnic-style in the living room. While we ate in the semi-darkness in the glow of the Christmas tree, I read the Christmas story and then we went around the room and each shared a way we could be like the shepherds.
After we finished our dinner, we watched The Christ Child movie before we put the kids to bed.

Sam and I spent the next few hours wrapping presents (none were wrapped since we had planned on taking most of them with us to Utah!) and we had some late-night Martinelli's to top off the day.

It was really a perfect Christmas Eve.

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