Tuesday, January 12, 2021

COVID for Christmas Part 4: Sleeping by the Tree

On Tuesday, we started the morning off with these pumpkin white chocolate scones with ginger glaze. A friend in my ward made them for my baby shower and they were completely amazing. I made them at home and they fell a bit short of what I remembered from the shower. So I tweaked a few things and made them again on this day and they totally lived up to what I remembered!

Another friend in the ward dropped off a box of about 100 books for the boys to read while we were stuck at home! I was worried about their books getting mixed in with ours, so I put them all in Elsie's room (she was still sleeping in our room at the time so her room was largely unused) and told the boys they had to stay in there while they were reading them. I pulled out the mattress from our guest bed and they spent many hours shut away in there, reading, over the course of the break!

She also included a few other activities, like play-dough, puzzles, treats, and these crazy straw making kits.

And then the doorbell rang and another woman from our ward had put together the most amazing box of activities for us! I don't know how many hours she spent putting this together, but I was totally blown away. She just did this out of the kindness of her heart! She even had an invitation included to a storytime over Zoom (which we did the following night) and she had her husband scan in the pictures from the book so she could do a screen share and the boys could see the pictures better than if she just held up the book. Amazing!

Another friend had dropped off this stovetop potpourri the night before, so our house smelled amazing all day as it simmered on the stove all day. We were so grateful to have so much love and concern from friends!

I read a lot more of A Return to Christmas to the boys as the day went on. They really enjoyed the book! After dinner, Sam and I started to set up our tent in the living room for the boys to sleep in by the Christmas tree. It had been over 3 years since we last set it up and it was full of dirt! Our last camping trip was about 2 days before we moved and I guess we never properly cleaned the tent. We got it all cleaned and tried to set it up, but it was too large for our living room (It's a 10-man tent) and the poles would not stay in their loops without stakes, so we finally gave it up and just put mattresses by the tree instead. The boys were only mildly disappointed and they loved sleeping next to the magical tree!

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