Monday, January 11, 2021

COVID for Christmas Part 3: Lego Christmas Village and a Scavenger Hunt

On Monday morning, we found a gift bag our neighbors put on our doorstep.
Inside was a fun inflatable reindeer ring toss game to help our COVID Christmas be a bit more fun!
The boys thought it was a riot.

It's really hard to keep the noise level reasonable when all the boys are home and cooped up inside. With Sam working from home, I really try to keep the house somewhat calm and quiet during work hours, but it's tough with five active boys running around! So we went upstairs to their room and I challenged them to work together to make a Christmas village out of Legos while I started reading a new Christmas chapter book to them, A Return to Christmas.
I loved all the little details they came up with!

Here we have a house (with the roof removed) with a man setting up a Christmas tree inside and a wreath on the door:

This is a little candy stand on the town square:

This is the giant Christmas tree on the town square. They later added a woman on a ladder next to it, putting on the star:

Here is a snow plow with a bunch of snow in a pile:

This is a Christmas tree farm, with a tractor in the background, and a woman is handing the man money to buy the tree. He is holding an ax, and they even cleverly made a slot in the trunk that the ax fits into so it looks like he is halfway done chopping down the tree:

Here is a car driving down the street:

And here is a little Christmas train with a couple of snowmen next to it:

I loved seeing how they worked together and came up with different ideas while I lay on the bed with a sleeping baby, reading aloud. It was glorious.

That evening after dinner, we headed out for a Christmas light scavenger hunt around town for Family Home Evening!
I whipped up a batch of hot chocolate and put it in the kids' thermoses to sip on while we drove around.
Just as we were loading everyone into the car, Lincoln let out a blood-curdling scream! He had pressed the button to open the thermos lid (which has a rubber straw in it) and the hot chocolate, which was nearly boiling, had become pressurized in the thermos and sprayed out the straw all over his face!
Talmage opened his thermos as well and the pressurized hot chocolate shot about 12 feet and splattered all over the garage wall.
Lincoln was crying and very distraught about his burned face, which hurt badly. Elsie was screaming in her carseat, there was hot chocolate all over the car and the garage, and we almost called it off--at least for Lincoln, Elsie, and I.
But eventually we coaxed Lincoln out the door with a bag of ice on his face and we started the hunt.

After that rough start, it actually ended up being a lovely evening.
We found a few houses that had their lights synchronized to their own radio stations and they were so fun! And we found almost everything on the scavenger hunt list (I always like to print out this one).

Lincoln fell asleep in the car on our way home and he looked so peaceful next to the Christmas tree after Sam carried him in from the car.

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