Friday, December 18, 2020

The Rest of Thanksgiving Weekend

I realized that we really ought to increase our cautiousness about possible COVID exposure around Thanksgiving time to ensure that we would be able to go to Utah. Those three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas were a critical time for us to avoid getting sick.

So we didn't plan to do much for the remaining two days Breanne would be with us.
On Friday morning I asked if she would be willing to snap a few pictures of our family in front of the garage door in hopes that I'd be able to cobble something together to send out on a Christmas card.
I was pretty pleased with the result after a five-minute photo shoot (and an edit session that was quite a bit longer than that...)
I liked most of the kids better in one picture, but I liked Wesley and Maxwell better in a different picture, so I spliced them and hacked away at them until I was satisfied.

She also caught a few of me with Elsie--I realized I had essentially no pictures of me with her since the hospital! Elsie wasn't too thrilled to be out in the cold, but Breanne caught a couple of sweet ones.

Then we headed to the park.
In order to make it more of an "adventure," I drove to a neighboring city to visit a park further from home. The first park we pulled up to was swarming with people! It looked like there was a tennis tournament going on or something, and there were kids all over the playground. In my paranoia about getting sick before going to Utah, I told the kids that we would not be going to this park and countered their disappointment with the assurance that they would rather go to Utah than this park.
We went to another park a short distance away, and I was dismayed to see that this park, too, had many kids playing at it.
So we turned around and came back to visit a tried-and-true park close to home that seldom has anyone there. The kids had been in the car for over an hour by this point and had taken the disappointments in stride, so I rewarded them with a quick stop at Sonic for lunch before we got to the park.
Benson's happy face with his corn dog just brings me so much joy.

We came home and spent the afternoon with leftover pie, lots of laundry, and another round of Poetry for Neanderthals. 
We also started our annual Christmas book countdown to Christmas!
I love it how when Breanne is around we end up with pictures of moments that we otherwise wouldn't have captured, like our entire family piled on one couch with the big quilt my Grandma made stretched over us all.

We also end up with a lot of additional pictures of this face because, well, she's just as cute as a button.

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