Sunday, December 20, 2020

Little Bits

Maxwell drew this owl by himself one morning--isn't is so cute?!?

This swing is probably the #1 reason I'm able to get much done. I love holding Elsie, but with 5 other kids I need my arms free for several hours each day. I will forever praise the baby swing! I'm so grateful all my kids have loved it!

A sign you're a toddler in the midst of a pandemic: Benson started pretending the magnetic letter L was a thermometer and walked around beeping as he held it up to each of our foreheads, just like he sees us do before school each day.

The boys are all still enamored with Elsie...

...for good reason. (Check out that receding hairline! She lost all the hair on top of her head around 1 month old, but it has grown back in so nicely and so fast!)

Park days are happy days.

We love our library trips. On this particular trip, the children's librarian was chatting with us and, as it was the day before Thanksgiving, she asked Maxwell what his favorite Thanksgiving food was. He thought for a moment and then lit up. "Do you know what one of my favorite Winter foods is?? Snow!"

When Daddy talks to Elsie--she loves him!

Our mantel is difficult to decorate in any way. There is actually a built-in alcove above the fireplace, but I had no purpose for it when we moved here, so I built this large white panel and we hung it up with a piano hinge alone the top. I then put metal shelves in the alcove, and I now have a great hidden storage cupboard! But it leaves only about 2 inches of mantel space. I've been wishing for a long time that I could find some kind of narrow Christmas village to put on it at Christmas time, so when I was walking through Target a few weeks ago and saw these wooden houses in packs of 2-4 for $5 each I was so excited!

Talmage and Wesley's teacher sent me this picture. It is her picture shelf at school, featuring pictures of her children...and Elsie. :D

And pre-dinnertime reading by the Christmas tree is a sight I will always love.

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