Thursday, December 17, 2020

Elsie's Newborn Pictures

I really struggle with newborn pictures. It is so hard for me to pose babies and keep them asleep and get good light, and then the edits take me forever. I finally finished Elsie's pictures and, while they aren't exactly professional quality, I am grateful to have captured the fleeting newborn stage before we closed the door on that chapter of her life.
She's only two months old but I already miss it!

It has been 2 sweet months of cuddles, sweet smells, adoring brothers, smitten parents, and recent enormous smiles and coos. We are still just over the moon for her.
-She is a great sleeper and typically wakes up once in the night for a feeding, although sometimes she sleeps through the night! This has definitely not been the norm for our babies and has been SO appreciated.
-She smiles so big when we clap her hands rapidly or kick her legs.
-She loves to watch her brothers play.
-She is pretty even-tempered and content and will gladly hang out in her swing, sleeping, for hours during busy times.
-She is growing fast and has the best cheeks! We smother them with kisses all the day long. She is already fitting well into her 3-6 month clothing.
-She loves to be swaddled up tightly and when we sing to her she will respond with coos.


  1. She is so darling, and the pictures are beautiful!

  2. She is so perfect! What I'd give to hold her and kiss those sweet cheeks.


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