Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Wesley's Birthday

Wesley's birthday was on October 22.
Elsie was just 6 days old, and I'm afraid that in my newborn haze I failed on the pictures--sorry, Wes!
He requested a vanilla cake with ombre nutella and vanilla frosting, decorated with dragons and a knight.
He wanted chicken alfredo spaghetti, apples, and Italian bread for dinner.
He finished off the day with some gifts--a camera, the game Forbidden Island, and a drawing book from us, along with books, Legos, and an awesome chemistry magic set from grandparents and Aunt Amanda!

Wesley is so easy to please.
It was difficult for me to figure out what to give him for his birthday, because he has so few requests and is pretty content. He is grateful and responsible and proactive, and I am so proud of him and the boy he is growing to be.

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