Saturday, November 7, 2020

Talmage's Birthday

 Talmage's 11th birthday was the day after Elsie's due date.
He was really hoping she would be born on his birthday, but it was just not to be.
He did, however, get a birthday present he was very thrilled about...our ward started meeting again in person every week for Church! Our first day back was on his birthday!

He wanted a peanut butter Oreo ice cream pie for his birthday cake--a very convenient choice for me since I could make it in advance in case the baby arrived in the midst of our celebrations.

His actual presents were also exciting--a ukulele with a book of Primary songs to learn with it, Sushi Go Party!, Legos, a hover soccer ball, some books, and such.
He requested cheese tortellini, twice baked potatoes, and chocolate bran muffins for his birthday dinner.
We had a very low-key day with my frustrating, inconsistent contractions and low energy level, but he was happy and enjoyed his celebration!
We're so grateful this boy joined our family 11 years ago. He didn't really even cry at birth and just immediately pried his eyes open against the bright light and started darting them around, taking in his surroundings. He hasn't stopped observing and soaking in knowledge since that moment and we are so excited to see what great things he chooses to do with his life!

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