Monday, November 16, 2020

Reality Check

"Look, Mommy! We're warthogs!"

 I know I tend to put a positive spin on most aspects of life,
and as I look back on what I've shared since Elsie's birth (she's 1 month old today!),
I recognize that I've made it sound as if things have been "practically perfect in every way" since her arrival.
While the transition has been easier than some, and the events surrounding her birth have been particularly nice this time around, the fact remains that having 6 kids gets downright insane at times.

Today after school...
-I stopped to pick up an online grocery order, but they were behind and my order wasn't ready so I was told to come back in 30 minutes. 45 minutes later I returned to the store and it still wasn't ready, so I came home with all 6 kids empty-handed.
-Talmage had a batman mask that Maxwell wanted and Maxwell started chasing him, which caused Talmage to slip in his sock-clad feet and smack his forehead HARD on the corner of the table in the living room. It was a terrible irony that the plastic mask which had caused the issue in the first place was also what saved him from having some likely stitches along his forehead! But he was in a lot of pain for some time.
-Maxwell was sobbing for upwards of half an hour because his favorite shirt has gotten too small and has been handed down to Benson.
-Benson dumped water all over the carpet.
-Elsie woke up and became very fussy and agitated and would only be calm if I played white noise loudly, swaddled her tightly, and held her while jiggling and patting her.
-Wesley was trying to go through a book order with me and we were trying to decide on a book online.
-Lincoln's backpack had ripped at school and we needed to find a suitable one to order and he also wanted to work on his essay about pandas.

Everything seemed to stack up simultaneously and Sam came out of the bedroom after ending his work day to a rather chaotic group. I had to laugh as I explained one issue after another. He had a good dinnertime appetizer of a small scoop of ice cream for each kid. I know eating desserts as a coping mechanism gets a bad rap, but sometimes I think it is one of the best solutions!

Thankfully, the evening ended well.
After dinner the grocery order was finally ready to pick up
and for our Family Home Evening activity I introduced the boys to a game I played almost every day with my best friend in 8th grade American History (sorry, Mr. Kirby!). Person A draws dots randomly, Person B connects them into an enclosed shape, and Person C (or Person A again) turns the shape into a picture.
It was a riot to see what everyone came up with and the boys LOVED it.
Talmage was a bit appalled that I actually sat in the back of the class passing papers back and forth to my friend as we entertained ourselves through the history lectures. "You seriously did that??"

Life is definitely busy,
and loud,
and messy,
and chaotic,
but each day we are learning and growing and little by little creating something beautiful out of the mess.

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