Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Little Things to Remember

Part of the reason I try to blog consistently is so that I will have a record of the inconsequential things that happen on a day-to-day basis, that I may not otherwise think to record but that I want to be able to look back on and remember.
Here are a few more of those little moments we've had lately:

-Benson continues to amuse us to no end with his antics. The other day I lay Elsie down on our giant LoveSac in the playroom and stepped out for a moment. She was sleeping and Maxwell and Benson were playing on the floor. Suddenly I heard her start crying. Suspecting that Benson had been messing with her and woken her up, I went running into the playroom. Benson was rolling around on the floor, dramatically gasping, "She pushed me ober! She pushed me ober!" Yesterday I served him chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup for lunch and he looked suspiciously at the sticky, sugary food on his plate and said (totally deadpan), "Does this taste like carrots?" Also, the way he pronounces "flamingo" cracks me up..."fickamango."

-Maxwell continues to absolutely adore Elsie. But he has some rather...choice...words he uses to describe her cuteness. For some reason, he thinks the word "dumpy" means "extremely cute." It is so funny to have him walk into a room and take a look at Elsie and squeal with delight, "She's soooo DUMPY!" And this morning as I was getting her dressed he was fawning over her and then said, "She's so saggy baggy! Just like the saggy baggy elephant! It's soooo cute!"

-I heard on the news yesterday that Amazon has rolled out a new program called "Amazon Pharmacy" that is selling prescription drugs. I am definitely guilty of defaulting to Amazon for just about everything outside of groceries (it's just so convenient!!) but lately I've started to feel uneasy about the massive monopoly it is it time to wean myself off of it, at least in part?

-On voting day, I drove past the church where we were assigned to vote on my way home from school pick-up. I wanted to see how late they were open to ensure I could go after Sam finished work, when I wouldn't have to have the kids with me. I didn't see any hours posted, but there was a man outside the church holding a political sign. I drove up next to him and asked if he knew how late they were open. "I'm not sure, but this is quick," he replied. "It'll only take you like 3 minutes." I thanked him and said that I would come back later, since I had all my kids with me. "You can park your van right here next to me and I'll watch them while you go in and vote!" he offered. I politely declined and again said that I would come back later, but I had to smile at the feeling of friendliness and trust that exists in our little town. When I returned that evening to vote, the woman leaving the building in front of me was clearly an immigrant. Someone asked her if it was her first time voting and, when she replied in the affirmative, all the volunteers started clapping for her! I love living in this kind, welcoming community.

-Also, I was totally surprised by how into the voting process and results Talmage, Wesley, and Lincoln were. They were glued to the computer screen, continually hitting refresh to view updated results as they rolled in that evening. Talmage was spouting off facts left and right to the others about which way various states tend to go politically, how the electoral college works, candidates' differing views, and numerous other things while Wesley and Lincoln listened with fascinated interest. I have no idea where he learned so much about it all, and I was really surprised by their enthusiasm, considering I had almost no interest in politics until I was about 25! They burst through the door the next day after school and immediately asked to pull up election results so they could see the update. Lincoln sadly lamented that he wished Sam could be the president because he thought he would be a better option than either candidate. I can't say I disagree with him! ;)

-A couple of weeks after Elsie was born, my sweet friend Sheri arrived at my house with about $70 worth of Costco dinners for us...salad, a pan of macaroni and cheese, two large platters of street tacos, a box of frozen pizzas, a large container of cookies...I was totally overwhelmed by her kindness, but she was apologetic that it wasn't homemade and that she hadn't lined up more people to bring dinners. I tried to express how grateful I was and exclaimed that no apology was necessary! Further probing revealed that she'd been dealing with MAJOR house problems in three different ways over the past few days, including having no heat (the weather had gotten quite chilly at that point), and a sewage pipe getting blocked by the neighbor's tree roots and overflowing through the tub and toilet, flooding her house with nasty, brown water and destroying her floors! Needless to say, I felt very sheepish accepting all the dinners she was giving us when clearly she needed them more than I. That is the kind of selfless, loving person she is. Another of my friends wrote about her,
"She's the friend version of a first responder. You know, the person who shows up on someone's door step while others are still in the 'I should...' phase. I think service is seriously in her DNA because you will always, I mean ALWAYS, find her quietly serving. She's searching out someone to chat with who looks lonely, she's volunteering (or being volunteered) to make something beautiful for an event, she's listening and nodding while you tell her everything's fine and you don't need anything and then somehow finding the thing you really need and doing it. She is the kind of friend you don't really deserve but are desperately grateful for."
 I aspire to be more like her.

-Talmage won his class spelling bee, so he will be competing in the school spelling bee soon and he is SO excited about it. The excitement about spelling in general has been high in our home as a result, so the boys have been asking us to give them difficult words to spell at dinner. We would give them random words to spell as we drove around during our trip to Utah last year and oddly all three older boys were super entertained by it. They just love spelling.

-We really haven't been hit hard at all by the pandemic, so I know I have little to complain about. In many ways, the changes in the world have actually worked to our advantage and my heart aches for the countless people who have been so profoundly affected on so many levels. In spite of realizing that, sometimes the world feels very heavy and overwhelming to me, and I just desperately want everything to go back to normal. I was feeling that very much the other day and Maxwell prayed, "Thank Thee that everything is open church, and the library, and even school," and I had to smile at his simple, optimistic gratitude. I might feel grumpy about masks, no singing, and staying 6 feet away from people at church, but he is just grateful it's open again.

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