Friday, November 27, 2020

Halloween Festivities

 I'm finally ready to start getting caught up in this little space!
Let's start with Halloween.
We had a very low-key but happy celebration together.

The Monday before Halloween, Sam went to pick the boys up from school (he was still on paternity leave)
and they spontaneously stopped at a garden stand on the way home and bought pumpkins for us to carve for jack-o-lanterns that night!
The boys had a great time designing and carving their pumpkins.
Even Benson had a strong preference...when I started making his eyes right-side-up triangles he said, "No, mad eyes!" So I had to switch and make them upside-down, which appeased him.
But when all was said and done and we put the lights in them outside, the poor kid was terrified by the glowing, angry faces and went running inside crying.
I guess maybe we should have left the triangles right-side-up after all.

I wasn't sure what the status of trick-or-treating would be this year, given COVID, so I planned a little at-home party for us in its place. 
Talmage, Wesley, and Lincoln were Rock, Paper, Scissors and Maxwell and Benson were Batman and Spiderman. Benson was NOT a fan of his costume (even though he picked it out!), as you can see below.

These guys kept acting out the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. It was a riot!

We had a dinner of themed food (homemade root beer "witch's brew," mummy hot dogs, toffee apple dip in a pumpkin, salsa with a cobweb and "candy corn" cheese pizza) and then played some little Halloween games. I think the highlight was eating donuts on a string!

I bought a bunch of candy and the boys each decorated an interior door of the house with a bunch of homemade Halloween decorations. They then got to take the candy bowl in turn and we went "trick-or-treating" at each door. They ended the night with lots of candy in spite of COVID and some fun memories to go along with it!

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