Friday, October 9, 2020

Wesley's Surgery

Wesley's surgery is complete and was successful!
We had to arrive at the surgery center at 6:15 am.
Wesley is our boy with an amazing internal clock. I told him I would wake him up around 5:40 to go, and at 5:45 as I was about to head up to his room, I saw his eyes peeking through the crack in the bedroom door--he had woken himself up on his own (with no alarm) and was dressed and ready!
After we got all checked in, they called us back and let Wesley pick out a toy.

They had Wesley change into a hospital gown and got him settled into a hospital bed, watching a movie while we waited.

We waited for 30 or 40 minutes before the doctor arrived to talk to us and explain some aspects of his surgery. And then they wheeled him away and sent me out to the waiting room.
This was our first time having a child be put under with general anesthesia, and I felt strangely a little bit jittery. It was nice when, a few minutes later, a nurse called my cell phone from the operating room and let me know that the surgery was in process and Wesley was doing great. It was only about 10 more minutes before the doctor came out and said he was done!
He told me that his adenoids were definitely abnormal and explained that his recovery should be really fast--only 2-4 hours before he would feel totally normal again. He said that some kids even play in sporting events the same day. He went through his medications and follow-up care with me and then left.
A bit later, a nurse came out and let me know that Wesley was awake and I could come back to the recovery area.
The doctor had told me that Wesley was at the age that was in between when kids tend to cry inconsolably when they are waking up and when they act fine coming out of it, so he wasn't sure how he would act.
He wasn't crying, but he seemed agitated, disgruntled, and a little disoriented during recovery.
He sipped Gatorade and kept complaining that it hurt behind his eyes, or his throat hurt, or there was a really horrible taste in his mouth. Apparently they knocked him out with gas before placing the IV to continue the anesthesia, and the gas leaves behind a really horrible taste.

After about 30 minutes in recovery, they put Wesley in a wheelchair and took him out to the car. I had promised him a shake from Chick-fil-a, and as we headed over there, he was still really agitated. He kept having outbursts of things like, "I feel so...BAD! Why does it feel like this??" He couldn't really pinpoint pain or a specific bad feeling, but he just felt really horrible.
Suddenly, just as we pulled into the drive-thru, he threw up all the Gatorade and with it came all the yuck, agitation, bad feelings, and bad taste.
As soon as he was done throwing up, he was back to his usual happy, sunshine-y self with no trace of the previous frustrations or pain, saying things like, "Wow, Chick-fil-a sure moves fast! That shake is going to feel so good! I just love Fall! It is just so beautiful outside!"
It was amazing to see the sudden change that came over him. Apparently that was just what he needed.

He watched a movie when we got home and then happily scampered around the house for the rest of the day. I gave him some Tylenol that night, just to ensure that he didn't wake up in the night in pain, but other than that he hasn't needed any pain medication at all. His recovery was just as quick as the doctor promised!
And amazingly, his cough is already about 95% gone. I thought it would take a while due to increased drainage and swelling from surgery, but the improvement was immediate. That has been INCREDIBLE! Hopefully the change remains as he heals entirely.

And he loved getting a big bunch of balloons Grammy ordered for him!


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  2. SO glad to hear Wesley is doing good. I'm sure the anesthesia is what made him sick. If he ever has to be sedated again, make sure you tell the doctor.


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