Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Ready and Waiting

The boys love giving baby sister cuddles
Well, my due date is on Saturday and I think it's safe to say we're ready.
The nursery is set up,
the baby clothes are sorted and folded in drawers,
the cars are cleaned and the carseat is installed,
the freezer is well stocked with bagels, waffles, breakfast cookies, and dozens of muffins to provide quick breakfasts on school days,
plans are set up with people to watch our kids,
the hospital bag is packed,
I've made a 2-week menu plan and picked up groceries,
the baby gear is washed and set up,
and on and on.

I am distracting myself by cleaning like crazy,
so if baby girl doesn't arrive soon we may at least have a sparkling clean house!
On Sunday night I felt like I hit a wall.
I just felt like I couldn't wait even ONE more day to have this baby.
A big part of me wanted to call the doctor the next day and ask for an induction.
Thankfully a night of rest put me in a better mindset and I am ready to wait it out, but have also tried to be more accepting of the need to induction if necessary...especially since my doctor is so great about doing things the way I want to (aka, she will try just breaking my water to see if that will work before starting me on any pitocin).

Maxwell was born only about two hours after arriving at the hospital, and when we left I wasn't even totally certain I was really in labor.
And Benson was born less than an hour after the doctor broke my water.
So it's a little bit concerning to try to make plans to 
1) get someone here to watch the rest of the kids any time of day or night,
2) figure out what to do if the kids are in school when we need to leave, and
3) make it to the hospital in time to get antibiotics before the delivery since I'm Group B Strep positive again (the hospital is about 25 minutes away).
Thankfully, the kids have Fall Break next week so chances are good that we won't have to worry about school at all when she is born!

Wesley's adenoidectomy is first thing tomorrow morning, and then baby girl can come whenever she wants.
We are SO EXCITED to meet her!!!

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  1. I am so excited that your daughter is about to arrive. I can only imagine how all of you feel. I hated hearing about poor Maxwell. I pray the surgery works. I can't wait to start seeing the pictures of the boys holding their sister. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


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