Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Crazy and the Calm

Life has simultaneously slowed down and sped up.
With school starting, our mornings begin early and are filled with packing lunches, loading up backpacks, doing chores, making and eating breakfast, taking temperatures, distributing masks, and navigating school drop-off...all before 8 am.

But then I come home with Maxwell and Benson and everything is calm.
I clean up the house and we do our morning chores and then we have time to read countless stories, play outside, play games, do puzzles, organize toys, and run errands at a leisurely pace.
The house stays clean and everything is relatively quiet and peaceful until the afternoon rush begins again with school pick-up, after school snacks, chores, homework, piano practicing, dinner preparations, family time, and bedtime routines.

I appreciate both phases for different reasons, but it has been a joy to spend this past month or so largely engaged in focused activities with Maxwell and Benson.
Some glimpses of life with the two of them:

Maxwell loves building with these magnets--and doing most anything methodical.

We have a few wipe-away tracing books and he will literally spend hours meticulously tracing over the lines and erasing over and over. On this day we went to the picnic area by the temple for lunch and he insisted on bringing his book in the car and then working on it while we had our picnic.

Benson can be very cuddly and affectionate, but is also incredibly silly. He is still our little class clown and he loves to needle his way under Maxwell's skin. Observing our boys at times enjoying tormenting each other is always a bit perplexing to me, because I despise the thought of bothering or annoying anyone and I go to great lengths to not do so. But sometimes they think it's hilarious to get each other mad. Benson seems so young to exhibit this behavior, but he does it nonetheless. Maxwell is so detail-oriented and likes everything to be in order, so Benson delights in messing it up. Last night I was reading to the boys after they were tucked into bed and Benson would get out of bed, mosey on over to Maxwell's bed, and then quickly grab his blanket or one of his animals and bolt back to his own bed. Maxwell would, of course, yell and Benson would flash the biggest cheesy grins as he watched him in distress. The two of them are such a funny pair.

They are just such peaceful little angels when they are napping. Maxwell now has 5 different stuffed animals he always wants to sleep with.

For a while, Benson would don this hat and grab a sword and come running out of the playroom with this look on his face saying with all the 2-year-old menace he could muster, "I'm a bad guy!!"

Maxwell doesn't enjoy most "real" food, preferring snacks, smoothies, and breakfast foods instead, but he does have quite a fondness for corndogs.

And Benson enjoys re-distributing the things that belong in this cupboard into other cupboards and then climbing in and pretending it's his car.
It's been so great to have these calm, happy days with these two before their baby sister arrives.

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