Tuesday, September 15, 2020


A group of friends threw the sweetest baby shower for me and another woman in our ward (due with a baby girl 10 days after me) this past Saturday.
They initially planned an outdoor shower with a garden tea party theme, so that people could either drive up and drop off gifts or stay and chat, depending on what they felt comfortable with.
Unfortunately, at the last minute the rain started and they had to move everything inside.
They hustled and put everything together beautifully in spite of the abrupt change of plans!

My friend who was in charge of the decorations and favors is a creative genius. She seems to excel at ANYTHING artistic, from cake decorating to painting to home decorating to party planning to graphic design and on and on. Anything she touches becomes instantly beautiful and, as a result, she gets asked to help with way more than her share of events.
I felt guilty that she once again was doing so much to help with this shower, but also amazed and grateful for all she did to make it such a beautiful day!

The favors were ranunculus bulbs, packaged in beautiful papers she designed.

Everything was tied in to the theme...even the water bottle labels!

Other friends pitched in to create a gorgeous array of food for lunch:
-grape chicken salad croissants
-fruit cups
-pesto pasta salad
-pumpkin white chocolate chip scones
-coconut macaroons
-shortbread cookies
-orange madelines
-water with flavor add-ins

They arranged the cutest set-up for us to sit in, including a gorgeous backdrop with an arrangement of real flowers in the corner (currently adorning my kitchen table!).
My sweet friend even brought her vintage tea cart to stack gifts on!
I came home with a wide array of beautiful gifts and feeling so grateful for the friendships I have here and the kindness that was shown to us!

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