Friday, September 18, 2020

On My List

August 2020

June 2015

Same couch set.
Same boys.
Same activity.
Same close proximity.
5 years later, this scene is still on a constant repeat.

Today after school I asked Wesley, "Do you want me to read Harry Potter to you?"
He said, "It's on my list!"
It wasn't until later that I discovered his literal "list" on the kitchen counter...
-get up
-big 5
-after school snack
-bike ride
-reading log
-Harry Potter

Wesley is so good at proactively accomplishing tasks in the morning, afternoon, and evening, without being asked. His cute little check list (complete with boxes filled in with check marks) brought a smile to my face. I love the way he was methodically working through it--even the fun elements.
Right now he is out riding his bike ("I'll try to be about 10 or 15 minutes!"), and I better wrap up this blog post so I am ready to read Harry Potter when he comes in for the last item on his list!
Happy Friday!

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