Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Juggling Glass Balls

Today I received an e-mail from Lincoln's teacher:
 Good evening,
I just wanted to reach out and say how much I enjoy getting to have Lincoln in class. He is an incredible kid with such a gentle, sweet spirit. He is a breath of fresh air. Today our morning writing prompt was Would You Rather Wednesday--Would you rather have 100 dollars or 100 friends? I attached a picture for you to see his answer. It made my heart swell with joy. Keep up the great work, mama. You are doing an amazing job.
Attached was this picture of Lincoln. His journal response says, "I would rather have 100 friends because people are more important than money."

He is SUCH a tenderhearted boy. The other day I was sharing with the boys the story of Samuel Brannan and how he set his heart on his riches, but at the end of his life he was alone and when he died, no one claimed his body for over a year because no one really cared that he had died.
Lincoln gasped with horror and said, "I would have cared!!!"
And he definitely would have.
This boy warms my heart so much.

I also got to see this picture of Wesley, which totally cracked me up.
Last week they had a "dress like a rockstar" day to celebrate Rock Your School Day. We had no "rockstar" clothing and I wasn't terribly interested in improvising, so I left the boys to their own devices. They wanted their hair spiked up crazy and Wesley put a Sunday vest over a sweater (somehow that said "rockstar" to him?) and wore sunglasses. Apparently this picture was taken because he was one of the two students in the class who read the most minutes during the month. I just can't get over his pose!
I was also surprised that he was a top reader...although I have no doubt he actually IS, I struggle to keep track on their reading logs. 
Actually, who am I kidding?
I don't even try.
I tell the boys it is their responsibility to count their minutes if they want to keep track for school. There is no way I can possibly keep tabs on each child and when they are reading...they are reading way too much! Apparently Wesley jotted down enough of his reading minutes to top the class, though.
I recently read an analogy of a mother juggling a bunch of balls. Some are glass, and some are plastic, and she decides which balls are plastic and are okay to let drop while keeping the glass balls in the air.
For me, reading logs and school dress-up days are plastic balls.
Lucky for me, there are little boys beneath me that are often catching those plastic balls as they drop and learning a great deal of responsibility and independence in the process.
You rock, Wes!

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  1. Wow, Lincoln is SO sweet! His response made me smile, and I had to giggle at that picture of Wesley. I couldn't decide if it was really him or not until I read the story behind it!


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