Monday, September 21, 2020

He Loves BIG

Lincoln feels things in such a big way.
If I make a food he loves, he very well may nearly knock me over with a hug and gush on and on about how I am the best mom in the entire world, and he may even dash off to draw me a picture covered in hearts and declarations of his love.
On the other hand, if something disappointing happens, he can redefine the phrase "weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth," and it quickly becomes the worst day of his entire life.

As a result, when this boy loves he loves BIG.
A week or two ago, he started gushing on about how much he loves his Kindergarten teacher from last year.
Almost our entire dinner was filled with happy exclamations about how wonderful she is.
Finally, Sam suggested Lincoln write her a note about it, which he did with great enthusiasm.
The next day, he delivered the note at school.
Seriously, though, wouldn't your day just be made 1000% better if you got a note like this from an adoring 6-year-old??

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