Thursday, August 6, 2020

Tracking Down a Splash Pad

A month or so ago,
we were driving to the Mennonite Market way out in the country,
and I passed a church in a tiny town with a marquee that said "Splash Pad Open."
Could it really be that in the middle of the country in the middle of this weirdness that is 2020, there was actually a splash pad open?
I took mental note and a few days later I did some checking around online and found that the church did indeed have a splash pad that was open to the public!
Knowing that kids are not a big COVID threat, especially outside and in water, Breanne and I loaded them up and made the trek.
It turned out to be a very small splash pad (just fountains shooting out of the ground), but the kids loved it regardless.
Thanks again to Breanne for the pictures!

Benson always opens his mouth like this when he is grumpy and trying not to smile at us. Totally cracks me up!

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