Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Little Ones

I love my mornings with these two little ones.
Maxwell is analytical, responsible, and often serious. Benson is our little class clown and is constantly doing and saying ridiculous things to try to get laughs.
They are so different from each other but they have the sweetest little relationship.
They are just the best of friends.
A few funny moments from the past little while:

-Benson LOVES to sing. He also loves listening to music, especially in the car. He was singing the song "Risen" a few days ago, and he sweetly sang/said, "Hallelujah...please turn it up...HALLELUJAH!!!" He has also been known to tell others to "please turn it off" when he doesn't want them to sing.

-Benson loves the song "You are my Sunshine." Sometimes at the end of the song, he will substitute our names so he sings, "Please don't take my Mommy away" (or whoever he's talking about). Other times he will substitute other random objects like, "Please don't take my stairs away" while walking down the stairs or randomly "Please don't take my diaper away..."

-I've been canning peaches. Maxwell enjoyed sitting on a stool next to the sink, taking the pits out of the peaches as I cut them. He kept putting his hands close to where I was working, so I warned him to please keep his hands away from my knife because I didn't want to accidentally cut him. "Yeah," he said matter-of-factly. "Because then your little buddy would get killed." What?! He was just so nonchalant about the whole idea! I had to quickly correct that thinking. Yikes!

-Maxwell has gotten some interesting ideas in his head about Coronavirus. The other day he explained, "Corona is canker sores. And Coronavirus is when you get really sick." A few days ago we were in a store and Benson took his mask off. "Oh no!!!" Maxwell exclaimed. "Benson took his mask off! He's going to get Coronavirus!" And another day he explained, "A fever is when you cough and you ask your mom for a Capri-Sun and sometimes she gives it to you and sometimes she doesn't."

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