Monday, August 24, 2020

The Climb

A few months ago, BYU Vocal Point and Peter Hollens came out with a new song.
"The Climb" was apparently made popular by Miley Cyrus years ago, but since my knowledge of pop culture is about zero, this was the first time I could remember hearing the song.
I was struck by the words and thought they were so fitting given the current challenges in the world.

"There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose
Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb."

Over the past five months especially, things have seemed kind of stagnant.
I've often felt like life is on hold, like I'm just waiting for my figurative mountains to move before making real progress. Life will start again once I'm not pregnant, when COVID-19 is just a weird memory, when we finally settle down and buy a house, etc. etc.
But in reality, life is happening NOW and it isn't about arriving at some future destination--it's about what I am doing each moment of each day along the way.

Accentuating the positives in the current moment helps me keep my focus on the present instead of always looking to the future. So, in that spirit...

Things I Will Miss About COVID-19
-Sam Working from Home--It has been so nice to see him periodically throughout the day, to eat lunch together, to be able to run errands on my own during nap time, to eliminate commute time, and to get more sleep! It's going to be a weird adjustment when he is no longer here throughout the day and I'm going to miss him!
-A Calm Schedule--While we miss our extracurricular activities, it has been a blessing (especially while pregnant) to have such a calm, quiet life. I've had virtually no responsibilities outside our family, and I've welcomed the break.
-At-Home Church--I have definitely missed going to Church. But we've also had some really sweet moments with our at-home church meetings and I'm sure part of me will miss that. We never have to rush to get kids ready and out the door on time either, or worry about missed naps or any other schedule related challenges.
-Sleep--Well, now that school has started I am getting up pretty early, but for a solid 5 months I got to sleep in every day!! That was amazing for this pregnancy, what with all the insomnia and sleep issues I've had. Sleep is one of the best ways for me to deal with challenging situations, so getting lots of sleep over the past while has been amazing.
-Flexible Shopping/Errand Running Options--As a mom of lots of young kids, it has been nice to have so many stores open up curbside delivery and for other appointments to take place at home, over video chat.
-Keeping My Kids Home--The kids have some great neighborhood friends, and they've actually still been playing with some of them...but it's been mainly outside. For the most part, the boys have played with each other and I've loved seeing their bond grow. I always struggle a little bit with whether or not to let my kids go play at friends' houses. Do I know the parents well enough? Are they going to be overwhelming the family? How often is too much to be socially accepted? How long should I let them stay? What if their brothers want to come too--how many should I let go? And then there is always dealing with the angry ones who don't get to go. It's been nice to let all of that go.

Things I Will Miss About Being Pregnant
Admittedly, this one was a lot harder for me to come up with some things on...I am not at all a fan of pregnancy. But I thought of a few things!
-Napping With My Little Ones--I take a nap with Maxwell and Benson almost every afternoon. Their bedroom is quiet and cool and it has blackout curtains, so it is such a peaceful, comfortable place to rest. Watching their little bodies sink into relaxation and sleeping next to them has been so wonderful. Once the baby is born, I won't be needing a nap every day and I will also be more consumed with her needs so I won't have this luxury often.
-General Anticipation--It is always so fun during pregnancy to imagine what the baby will look like, to think about our future life with a new little one, to discuss names, and to make preparations. I love having something to look forward to and work toward with excitement!
-Having a Set Deadline for Projects--For most of my pregnancies, I have made a list early on of projects I want to accomplish before the baby is born. A lot of those things have been on the back burner for a long time, but having a deadline of a baby being born motivates me to finally get them done! I love feeling productive.
-Outpouring of Support--I have so appreciated baby girl gifts randomly dropped by or people checking in with me about my pregnancy.

Things I Will Miss About Renting
I've loved houses since I was a teenager--in fact, I would even walk through model homes just for fun when I was in high school! So never owning a home has been hard for me because there are so many projects in a house and in a yard that I have whirling around in my mind that I'd love to do. But renting definitely has its perks.
-Not Paying for Repairs--In the last little while, we've had a French drain installed in the backyard, the yard leveled and sod laid, a leaky toilet fixed, the kitchen faucet and bathroom shower faucet replaced, the water heater replaced, the rain gutters cleaned out, the house power washed, and the washer replaced. And we haven't had to pay a cent for any of that! I know it is going to be a rude awakening to have to pay for repairs (or even repair materials) when we own a house.
-Not Doing Yard Work--The yard work has been taken care of in most of our rentals, including this one. I actually usually see this as a drawback, because I LOVE doing yard work and, like I said, there is much I imagine in our future yard. But when life is crazy, it is also nice to know that we don't have any yard work on our to-do list.
-Job Flexibility--Sam's current position isn't permanent, so we know we'll be moving sometime in the next year or two. Having the flexibility to pick up and move at a moment's notice, without worrying about selling a house or whether we'll make money on the sale of a house, definitely makes things easier. We have needed that flexibility throughout Sam's career, so renting has been a blessing.
-Learning What We Really Want--We've rented for so long and in so many different homes that we now have a solid idea of what our actual priorities are when it comes to buying a house. Things that we wouldn't have thought would be a big deal we now have on our list of deal-breakers thanks to renting!

I am always looking toward the future and making long-term plans, which can be helpful, but I'm grateful this weird year has helped me see how important it is to enjoy the here and NOW.

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  1. I love this perspective. It's good to have goals to work towards, but sometimes that makes it easy to become discontented with where we are at now. And while we should always be striving for improvement, there is great benefit in recognizing the positives of the present. Thanks for the reminder!


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