Saturday, August 15, 2020

Elmwood Cemetery

Another historic site in Memphis is Elmwood Cemetery.
It's consistently ranked on lists of things to do in Memphis, but I had never made the trip.
I wasn't sure how much the boys would love a visit to a random cemetery,
and since I expect a certain level of reverence and respect at cemeteries, sometimes visiting them can be a little bit exhausting.
But just as we headed into August, the weather took a glorious turn and temperatures were in the 70s for a few days! We were hunting for an outdoor activity to do to soak in the beautiful weather, so we decided to visit the cemetery.

We didn't do the 60-minute recorded tour this time, but I am hoping to return in the near future with Sam and do it! There are many famous people buried in this cemetery and historical monuments dating back to Revolutionary War times!
The grounds were beautiful, and the headstones were varied and stunning--some were HUGE monuments.
The website had a scavenger hunt for kids to do at the cemetery which helped keep the boys' interest,
but even so we only lasted about 30 minutes before the complaints started rolling in and we headed back to the car.
It was a marvelous, interesting outing regardless!

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