Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Daily Fun with Aunt Breanne

Looking back at the recent blog posts I've done, it kind of looks like we were playing hard all Summer.
The truth is, I've been so weak, shaky, and breathless this Summer that I've spent a LOT of it resting.
One small outing would usually leave me winded and exhausted for the remainder of the day,
and a bigger activity would typically take an additional day to recover from.

So it was extra wonderful to have Breanne here for a good chunk of the Summer.
Not only did it provide me with motivation to do fun things with the kids in spite of my low energy level,
but she played with and entertained the kids to no end while we were at home which made things happier for them and made it possible for me to rest more.

Some snapshots of daily life with Aunt Breanne:

The boys loved playing some games with Breanne. And Benson was so proud of pattern he made with the Mancala rocks.

Breanne rigged up her hammock her first morning here to be a chair in the front yard. It didn't last long, but there was plenty of cuddle time in our hammock in the backyard!
(Side note: Yesterday Benson started running his fingers through the hammock strings saying, "Strum, strum, strum...I'm playing the guitar!" Pretty clever!)

The boys loved leaving "Ant Breane" mystery love notes on her bed.

Breanne joined us for at-home Church all month.
The last picture there is from when I was teaching a Primary lesson and I let each of the boys take a turn being the "leader" as an object lesson. When it was Benson's turn to lead (pictured), he started doing the goofiest poses that had us all in stitches!

We hit up Aldi, where Breanne felt like she had finally gone home. (You're missing out, Utah people!)

Lots of story time...

...and lots of yummy drinks and snacks she handed out!

She captured lots of day-to-day moments, like when Sam got the boys to kneel down and hold him up or when Benson fell asleep holding this flashlight he wouldn't surrender

Lots of bonding with Benson. He was pretty scared when she appeared in our house the first morning she was here (she had arrived late the night before, so it was strange to have someone unknown suddenly in the house!), but he very quickly warmed up and they became best buds. Now he keeps asking me to "say hi to Aunt Breanne" on the phone or asks if she is coming over. In that last picture, he put on the backpack one morning and told her he was "ready to go to school!!" So she took him out to her car and they pretended to go to school.

And here is a video that shows how adamant he was about seeing her, even after she had left our house. He was persistently banging on the guest room door and shouting to her, although it was empty... He wouldn't accept our explanations that she had left.
(Don't mind the pj shorts with the button-up shirt. Some days it just isn't worth the battle...)

Sunday evening snack times...she told us it was National Ice Cream Day, which motivated me to make chocolate brownie ice cream to enjoy one Sunday evening. Another Sunday evening she made angel food cake churro bites which the boys quickly devoured!

She took the boys on walks...

...and appreciated nature's beauties with them.

She kept them all entertained and happy while Sam and I were on our overnighter (here Maxwell is showing the sandwich that Talmage cut into a fun shape for him for lunch while we were gone).

She even took each of the 4 oldest boys on one-on-one outings to do something fun with her!

Yes, there's no doubt about it, having Breanne here made Summer much more exciting.
I hope she's enjoying her new adventure in a new city (at the very least it's a quieter adventure than she had with us!), but she is definitely missed at this house.

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  1. So fun! Breanne is great at finding things to do and keeping life entertaining, even when it's a little more difficult. I have to admit, I'm pretty jealous she got to spend so much time with you guys. ;) I'm glad I get to see you all in just a few months!


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