Sunday, August 16, 2020

Bass Pro Pyramid

Breanne was gearing up to leave Memphis, but we wanted to do one more fun activity with her before she headed out to Philadelphia!
Somehow, through all of her previous visits, we had neglected to visit the Bass Pro Pyramid.
So we donned our masks and headed in to see the massive wonder, a whole world of merchandise for outdoor enthusiasts perched right on the banks of the Mississippi River.

We had very lucky timing--we got there just as they were feeding the alligators, so they were super active!
The boys were completely enamored.

Then we walked around, looking at the fish in the various ponds and aquarium.

This bear was slightly terrifying to Benson.

Some of the fish were about 8 feet long!

We tried to pick up fudge from the candy shop, but the fudge hadn't arrived for the day yet.
So instead I let the boys each choose a Moon Pie--a classic invented in Tennessee, but one we had never tried.
They weren't actually all that impressed.
Just look at Benson's pose! That boy is such a character.

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  1. Benson's pose is so hilarious! I didn't realize moon pies were invented in Tennessee. They sell them at the BYU Store, so now I'll think of you guys every time I see them!


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