Sunday, July 5, 2020

Father's Day

Since our Harry Potter feast was our bigger Father's Day celebration, we didn't do as much as usual the following day.
We had a couple of Sam's favorite meals (carnitas for lunch and red Thai curry and his favorite homemade whole wheat bread for dinner) and the boys and I made him a "protein bar poster," which is just a candy bar poster but filled with protein bars instead, which is more in line with Sam's tastes.

I knew when we got married that Sam would be an amazing dad.
I don't know whether I was specifically evaluating him to see whether he would be a great dad when we were dating--
I think I was more focused on his discipleship and trusted that the rest of his life would fall into place as long as Christ was at the center of his life.
But whether I was consciously considering it or not, I knew he would be a wonderful father.

I know it sounds crazy, but we spent a great deal of time on our honeymoon talking about parenting.
We both felt ready to become parents and were very interested in discussing the family culture we wanted to create.
In fact, we sat down within days after being married and together drafted our family constitution (subheading, "that we may form a more perfect union...").
We would revisit it weekly and adjust it. Over time it evolved and contained subcategories of long-term goals, short-term goals, long-term goals to incorporate in the future, things we want to teach our children, guidelines for discipline, family traditions, guidelines for helping our children learn how to work, principles of family councils, and ideas to talk about, in addition to a long list of family attributes we wanted to create (color coded into categories of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being).
It is always funny to look back and see how intense and systematic we were about our parenting strategies during the first few years of our marriage. I also wonder how we had time to consider and discuss so many different facets of family life. With 5 kids and another on the way, our parenting has definitely been pared down to the nitty-gritty, most important things!
And yet, when I look back through our many lists, there are few things we aren't currently doing.
I think that's because, even though our many lists have fallen by the wayside, our efforts to put Christ at the center of our lives have remained the focal point and, just as with Sam's fathering, our other goals have fallen into place as a result.

I am beyond grateful that our 5 young boys get to have Sam as their dad.
He is righteous, compassionate, firm, strong, loving, watchful, respectful, fun, hard-working, trustworthy and, in short, everything I could hope they will become.
I am so excited to see him cultivate a relationship with his daughter, too!
I remember when I was pregnant with Talmage my mom made the comment, "Just watch, you'll probably never have a girl because Sam would just be so cute with a girl!" I thought she was right, but it turns out I get to see that relationship blossom after all!

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  1. I love the poster! Sam does seem to be a really amazing father. I see so many qualities in him that I also look for in a future husband, because I want him to be an incredible dad, too. Sam is a great example of that.


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