Friday, July 24, 2020

Chicken Love

Some of our friends went out of town for about a week,
and they needed someone to take care of their chickens.
They live on about 20 acres of forested land and have about 15 chickens and a rooster.
I knew the boys would love taking care of them and I figured it would be one more thing to break up this weird summer, so I volunteered them immediately.
Each of them had their specific job:

Lincoln filled up the food container and put it in place.

Maxwell was in charge of opening and closing the gate into the pen (a job he took very seriously).

Wesley was in charge of checking the water level and refilling if necessary.

And Talmage was in charge of letting the chickens out of their house.
He also looooved catching them, holding them, and helping the others with it as well.
They are kind of resistant to being caught, but once you have them they like to be held like a football and stroked on the chest, apparently.

My job was to protect the little ones from Wolf, the mean rooster who likes to attack short people.

Maxwell liked the chickens almost as much as Talmage.
Talmage is so good to teach his little brothers and encourage them.
This sequence of pictures is just too cute for words!

This one just about makes my heart explode. All that brotherly kindness and chicken love is just adorable!

And Maxwell's adoration for the chicken...priceless.

I was also eager to take advantage of this experience because we have planned for a long time now to have chickens of our own after we buy a house. But over the past year or so I've started to wonder if I would hate having them. Would they be too smelly? Too dirty? Too noisy? Would it be too much upkeep on top of 6 kids?
After our week with the chickens, we feel more confident about moving forward with plans for our own in the future. Seeing the boys enthusiastically perform their duties and interact with animals was so gratifying.
Our friends are leaving town again tomorrow for a few days, and the boys are so excited to be on chicken duty again!

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