Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Library Days

Weekly library days with all the boys are one of the greatest joys of Summer for me.
We caravan into the library and drop off our enormous mountain of books to return,
and then the boys head back to the children's section where they are instantly absorbed, the musty, comforting smell of old and new paper surrounding us on every side.
I push Benson in the stroller through the aisles, picking out challenging books to assign the three oldest boys to read and scanning through picture books for winners to read to the little ones.
Checking out is always a bit of a process, but the librarians are patient with our dozens of books and multiple library cards.
Sometimes we walk up onto the bridge by the parking lot to look for turtles in the stream below--and there are usually quite a few!

Upon our return, the boys instantly spread out through the house to read and piles of library books appear everywhere. We have kids on the couches, on the floor, in the hammock, and propped in crazy positions while I head into the kitchen.
In place of lunch, I prepare a spread of snacks that the boys can munch on all afternoon as they read.
(Today's variety included fluffernutter sandwich triangles, popcorn, grapes, strawberries, dried mangoes, quesadillas, and chocolate spinach protein smoothies.)
The afternoon is typically as quiet as it gets at our house as the boys are absorbed in their books, working their way through their piles.

I am so incredibly grateful the library closures didn't last too long.
When so many of our favorite summer haunts are closed or have significant restrictions upon them,
the library has saved the day for our family.

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