Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Last Day of School, Root Beer Floats, and a Giant Storm

May 22 would have been the boys' last day of school.
It felt pretty anti-climactic since, as I've mentioned before, no schooling was pushed or required by their schools during the closures.
But nevertheless, we celebrated with our traditional root beer floats!

Here are their first day/last day pictures. I think Wesley has changed the most!

We had our root beer floats out on the front porch.

Wesley finished his float and then walked down the front walk a bit and caught sight of the sky.
"Whoa, guys, come see the sky!" he exclaimed. It was looking pretty ominous.
I started gathering everything to go in, but Talmage and Wesley wanted to stay outside as the storm headed our way. I agreed, telling them to come in if it started raining or if there was lightning, and walked into the kitchen to clean up. I was in the kitchen for about 1 minute when the BIGGEST gusts of wind came out of nowhere! The trees were billowing like crazy and it honestly looked like hurricane footage.
I dashed to the front door and had to use a lot of effort to get it opened, as the wind was sucking it shut.
"COME INSIDE!!!" I screamed to Talmage and Wesley, who were already frantically battling the wind that was threatening to blow them away as they made their way up to the front door.
Just moments after they were safely shut inside, the power went out.
The wind and rain bombarded the house for a very short time after which the storm passed as quickly as it had come. The sun came out and everything was still outside.
I walked out to take out some trash and discovered that our trash cans had blown over and there was trash everywhere and our basketball hoop had tipped over (it has a pretty solid base, so I was surprised!) and the (super-duty) metal rim had broken off.
The neighbors' things were strewn around as well.
The power remained out for a couple of hours, coming on just as we were putting the boys to bed.
It was such a strange, quick, furious storm that seemed to come out of nowhere!

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  1. Love seeing these handsome and cute faces! Your root beer float tradition is so fun. I'm glad you survived the crazy storm!


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