Monday, March 30, 2020

The Long-Awaited Appointment

When Wesley was about 4,
he began sniffing constantly.
There were often frustrating nights for him when he his nose was so plugged up he couldn't breathe through it, but having him blow his nose yielded no results.
I honestly didn't think a whole lot of it and told him to breathe through his mouth on those nights,
figuring he was just congested or had a cold.
But these problems continued to escalate, and finally, at a well-child visit with a new pediatrician,
he called me over to take a look at Wesley's nose.
When he shined the light up, I was horrified to see that his nasal tissues were so swollen that he was attempting to breathe through tiny slits! He diagnosed him with chronic rhinitis and seasonal allergies and wrote him a prescription, and poor Wesley could finally get some relief.

Over the past year, though, the problems have really escalated.
Last Fall, Wesley was often sneezing like once per minute on most evenings and was constantly sniffing again, in spite of using his nasal spray diligently.
I called the pediatrician, and he prescribed a couple of more medications, but they didn't seem to help at all.
My next step was to call a pediatric allergist,
and I was dismayed to hear that their earliest opening was about 6 months away!
Wesley endured his challenges all Fall, got some relief through the Winter, and finally the long-awaited day came!
After all that waiting, I was SO grateful we made it in by the skin of our teeth--just a couple days after his appointment, all non-urgent appointments were cancelled due to COVID-19!

Wesley enjoyed doing the puzzles on the fun printed exam paper while we waited.
Some nurses came in and asked us a bunch of questions, and then one performed the infamous back-poke test.
"If he's allergic to any of it, he may start to itch," she told me. "You can fan his back, but don't let him scratch. I'll be back in 15 minutes!"
With that she closed the door, and in about 5 seconds Wesley started hooting like a monkey and squirming all over the table as the itchiness hit him hard. It was a miserable 15 minutes for him, but I let him play some games on my phone and I fanned his back, and finally she came back to measure the spots on his back and wipe off all the gel.


The doctor came in and told us the verdict:
he's allergic to all kinds of grass pollen.
This was confusing for a couple of reasons:
1-Grass pollen is only an issue in the Spring, and his problems are the biggest in the Fall, and
2-She said he shouldn't have much of a problem unless there is a lot of freshly cut grass blowing around his face, but not while just being outside.

So apparently his misery is due, not primarily to allergies, but to some other sinus problem and therefore we should visit an ENT to get further information.
(Although he still has the chronic rhinitis.)
After all those months of waiting it was a little bit of a let-down to not get a solution,
but we're one step closer!

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  1. Poor Wes! He's a trooper. Here's hoping you get everything figured out soon!


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