Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hanging in There

Like much of the country,
Memphis has essentially shut down.
Last week when drastic measures started being put in place,
and we realized we would not be going on our planned Spring Break vacation (*sob*),
I started to feel pretty overwhelmed.

At least two weeks shut up in our house while it rains every day outside?
I understand the whole need to "flatten the curve" and all,
but it all feels very surreal when there have been a grand total of 3 cases found in Memphis...
two that had traveled together to New Orleans, and another person from out of the country that was passing through Memphis when he/she decided to go to the hospital.
So really, there are no signs of any community spread.
I keep hearing jokes about how "even the coronavirus doesn't want to come to Memphis," or "the coronavirus came to Memphis and 2 minutes later got shot."

We had planned on leaving on our vacation on Saturday,
so instead I went to the store and bought snacks each of the boys requested,
we watched "Togo," a cute movie (based on a true story) about a heroic sled dog who brought medicine to dying children in Alaska,
we ate the yummy food I had purchased for our vacation,
and we made s'mores over the stove instead of in the firepit in the gorgeous backyard of the Airbnb we had rented. :(
Thankfully the boys recovered from their sadness pretty quickly and we enjoyed the day together.

On Sunday we had church at home, 
I taught the boys to play Dominoes with a new set I had recently picked up (totally nostalgic for me as I remember playing so many games on Sunday evenings with my grandparents when I was young), 
I finished compiling our 3-month food storage menu plan and took inventory, 
Sam took fussy, fussy Benson on a long walk, 
we had our typical Come, Follow Me lesson,
and we finished the evening with Saints and Snacks.

On Monday we went to the library (which was also gearing up to close) and we now have about 70 library books (literally) in our house.
These pictures were taken at storytime last week,
before our lives turned upside down.
 We tried out a new library and their storytime was so cute!

Yesterday we went on an adventure that will get a post of its own.
I'm letting the boys have a low-key week since it would have been Spring Break, anyway,
and then we will crack down and start our own little version of homeschool until the kids go back.
Now if the rain could just stop...

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  1. So sad about your trip!! I was really excited for you to go, too. :( It sounds like you're dealing with everything pretty well, though! As an introvert with no children and with roommates I love, this whole social distancing thing hasn't been horrible for me. I'm adjusting to online classes and I've accepted the fact that graduation is cancelled (sob!), but the 5.7 earthquake near Salt Lake this morning gave me a surprise was a reminder to me of just how unpredictable the future can be. I'm grateful for the guidance of prophets and the scriptures during these turbulent times!


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