Tuesday, March 3, 2020

A Bullet List Update

*Attended the baptism of a sweet young adult who joined our ward

*WARM, sunny weather on Saturday yielded our first family bike ride of 2020! So fun and beautiful!

*Spontaneous fondue night

*HUGE deadline passed for Sam at work--great big cheer!

*Evening games of "hot ice cream" and "never ending hole"

*Gave up on keeping the Legos separated into categories and I feel so free. Suddenly I don't mind if the boys dump mountains of Legos out in their room since we can just scoop them all up together! Why ever did I organize them all in the first place, and why have I kept it all in place for the past 3.5 years??

*Delivered fresh bread and jam and birthday cards to the sister missionaries--we LOVE them.

*Designed "Come Unto Christ" invitations with the older boys (not to actually distribute, but to teach some principles)

*MUD. So much mud.

*Read Across America Week-today was dress as a book character day, and the boys dressed as dragons from Wings of Fire and Fablehaven. Handy re-purposing of Halloween costumes!

*Laughing so hard with the boys over pictures in a book Talmage brought home from school, including the amazing blobfish.

*Blue Bell's insanely good new flavor called Cookie Dough Overload--I'm eating some right now!

*Car shopping!

*Talmage and his friend saw an ambulance while riding the bus. His friend commented that his family always prays when they see an ambulance, so they took turns praying for those involved/teaching each other their different ways of praying.

*Found a house on 1.5 acres that is so close to our dream house in so many ways for just the right price, but we're still not quite ready to commit to anything long-term just yet. So tantalizing, though!

*Thanks to Aunt Breanne for the fun Peruvian souvenirs that arrived in the mail!

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