Monday, February 17, 2020

Valentine's Day 2020

I just love Valentine's Day!
Our celebrations started the day before Valentine's Day. When the boys got home from school, I asked if I could kiss their faces with lipstick and do a little Valentine's Day photo shoot.
Talmage and Wesley are probably getting a bit too old for this sort of thing...
Talmage was totally willing to go along with my antics, but Wesley was shifting about uncomfortably and saying, "This is SO embarrassing!" Haha. They were such good sports.

I had set out a bunch of craft supplies and metal Valentine's mailboxes for each member of the family,
so after our little photo shoot the boys got to work making valentines.
The cute little buckets were like 89 cents at Walmart and they made everything so festive!
They worked through the afternoon and evening on valentines,
and Sam and I worked together late at night to make our own valentines for each of the boys.
(After Sam got back from the laundromat, where he did 7 industrial washer-sized loads of laundry because our dryer is out of commission and we are at the mercy of our landlord to get things going again. That's no joke with 5 little boys! *sob*)

The next morning, everyone woke up to Valentine's surprises and we had a breakfast of Kodiak cakes with homemade chocolate syrup and chocolate milk.
The boys scurried off to school for their Valentine's parties and festivities. We've been using these printable fruit valentines for the past 3 or 4 years now, and I still just love them!

Meanwhile, Maxwell and I prepared more valentines to hand out at a potluck pizza party lunch with friends! The boys just had a half day of school for parent/teacher conferences, so after school we headed over to our friends' house and they had a ball with a grand total of 24 kids packed into one house! I whipped up a silly little chip graphic and we put together these chip valentines to hand out, in addition to the fruit ones.

The boys had gotten free happy meal coupons with their report cards, so we picked up some happy meals for dinner.
Our sweet friends had offered to come over with their 1-year-old boy and stay with the boys while Sam and I had a Valentine's date! They even brought sugar cookies and decorating supplies so the kids could decorate cookies while we were out! 
We added another check mark to our monthly ethnic food adventuring and tried out a Mongolian stir-fry grill. It was fun to experience-a waitress brought us each a bowl and then we went down a line where there were over 80 different meats, vegetables, sauces, spices, and other toppings we could pile in our bowls. There was a giant circular grill at the end of the line and we told them what grain we wanted to add to our assortment, and then they cooked it all to perfection-super fascinating to watch!
We topped it off with hot chocolate from the Godiva store, which is the BEST hot chocolate I've ever tasted. 

We attempted to watch some more of a 1950s version of A Christmas Carol after our date, but (as usual) I fell asleep after about 10 or 15 minutes.
Poor Sam...I am the worst movie-watching companion ever.
I don't know what it is, but movies have very predictably put me to sleep ever since I was a young girl.
All in all, it was a fantastic holiday.
I LOVE to celebrate LOVE!

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  1. The photo shoot is so darling! I'm very impressed with Talmage and Wesley's willingness to participate. It looks like you had a really fun Valentine's Day, and it gives me hope that, although Valentine's Day irritates me at this point in my life, I might enjoy it more when I have kids of my own to celebrate with.


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