Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Time-Lapse Clean-Up

You know how sometimes you stumble across things in parenting that just work?
And then they become a standard part of parenting for years?

Like how we discovered our toddlers really like their independence, so merely saying "I'll grab you," when they disobey results in immediate obedience. You know, like--"Stop throwing your food on the ground." And then when they continue, "I'll grab you." 
Grab them to what, you may ask?
Grab them to stop the behavior.
That's it.
It works like a charm on our independent little boys beginning at about age 2.

Another thing we stumbled upon is a clean-up song.
At transition points, like before we leave the house or right before bed,
I will often tell them that we need to clean up really hard for one song,
and then I turn on a fast-paced, energetic song the kids love while we all work as hard as we can.
The house usually becomes almost completely tidy, and it only takes about 4 minutes!
Plus, the kids think it is fun to play a favorite song loud and clean up fast.

Tonight, however, I tried something a friend suggested,
and the boys LOVED it.
They needed to clean up the play room, so I filmed them cleaning with the time-lapse camera setting on my phone and then we watched it at the end. They thought it was the coolest thing.
I know my kids are entertained pretty easily--but then, so are their parents!
Hooray for another happy cleaning strategy.

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