Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sundays with Benson

Dear Benson,

Sundays with you are always a bit of an adventure.
You LOVE people, and your Nursery teacher tells me how you are the happiest boy every Sunday and how you always run into the room with the biggest smile on your face and wave at her.
Your enthusiasm for life, however, tends to explode out of you in the quiet of Sacrament Meeting and as a result we spend a lot of time pacing the halls or the back of the gym.
Today I tried to keep you quiet during the Sacrament by showing you pictures of Jesus,
but when you saw the picture of The Last Supper, you said loudly while pointing to the bread Jesus was holding, "What's that chicken?" And then, pointing to the pitcher of wine, "What's that drink-a-milk?"
Your loud commentary in response to every picture I showed you led me to put the pictures away and instead point out the rocks on the wall behind the choir loft.
You immediately started growling, "Rocks!" and then pretended to throw big rocks, complete with sound effects.
You tried to climb over the bench to one of the Young Women who babysits you.
You caught sight of someone else, a few rows back, who you recognized and did your ultra-fast full armed wave while shouting, "HI-HI!!!!!"
When your brother left to use the restroom, you ran over and stole the pen he had been using and then said "I took it!" repeatedly with an evil smile (well, as evil as your charming 1-year-old face can muster).
You weren't interested in looking at books, but you LOVED it when I drew you an airplane,
and you conveyed your enthusiasm by loudly declaring, "DANKOO, Mommy!!!"
You then scribbled all over the airplane and when you finished, you raised both fists high in the air and said, "I did it!!! I did it!!"
And throughout the meeting as I tried to get you to speak in a whisper, you would mimic me by whispering quietly a word or two or putting your finger over your mouth and saying, "Shhhhh!"
But after a few seconds you were back to your old ways.
And darling, I don't want you to ever lose that enthusiasm for life.
Let's just find your volume button, mmm-kay?

Love you forever,

1 comment:

  1. He is so darling. I'm sure he'll learn volume control at some point, but I bet his comments make people smile.


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