Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Soggy Memphis


If I were to describe Memphis in one word this Winter,
it would be soggy.
It has rained so much--a cold, dreary rain that permeates to the bone.
And then it is cloudy and overcast for a couple of days before it rains again, so the ground never dries out.
There is mold and moss growing in abundance all over the place,
and our backyard has been a permanent mud puddle.

I have been so reluctant to go outdoors in the damp, chilly weather,
but I recognize that spending time outside does wonders for my body and spirit.
So today I decided it was time to put on my big-girl pants and brave the elements for a walk.
I bundled up myself and the boys, and then opened the garage door,
only to find that there was a biting wind and a light, misty rain was coming down.
My resolve instantly dissolved and I said, "Actually, I think it's too cold for a walk. Let's go back inside."
Maxwell, however, was determined. "NO!" he replied. "We can put on our hoods!!"
I sighed, put everyone's hoods on, grabbed an extra blanket and a pair of gloves, and walked out into the wet.

And wouldn't you know it,
but with every step my spirit lifted.
We found mushrooms growing on a fallen tree,
and spike-ball seed pods,
and awesome sticks,
and daffodils.
We watched a concrete mixer at work
and looked down into the drainage stream that was rushing in the ravine below us.
Maxwell walked beside me chattering the whole way.
We came home refreshed and rejuvenated (although with icy hands)
and then we sat in front of the space heater together to warm up.

Time for me to start adhering better to the Scandinavian saying I read years ago:
"There's no such thing as bad weather--only bad clothing."

 P.S. I finally got a new phone, which means no more super blurry/grainy phone pictures!

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