Thursday, February 27, 2020

Random Kids' Drawings

At the end of the day, the computer desk is typically scattered with an assortment of drawings, homemade books, paper airplanes, or other creations.
The mess drives me crazy and simultaneously makes me so happy to see the fruits of the boys' creativity.
A few random pictures I've saved from the past year or so that made me particularly happy:

My sister's friend was in a sad accident in which she broke both of her knees, so my sister suggested the boys draw pictures for her while she was in the hospital. Lincoln's made me smile so much! From writing "crackd" in a bone and "knees" in a leg to the crying faces to the horribly cracked bone, the whole thing is so sweet and funny. 

 Sometime last Fall we had the boys make cards to send to the missionaries serving from our church congregation. Wesley's encouragement was so cute--"You shine like the sun! Don't give up! Don't despair! You can do it!" And I loved his little note, since he had used scented crayons--"the colors smell good."

Lincoln drew this picture for my sister and was very meticulous about the details, making sure to include her car she goes adventuring in and all of his brothers. I love the exchange of so many hearts between them, the fact that Benson is swaddled up like a newborn, sister's ripped mini-skirt? What? Where did that come from?

One Sunday I challenged the boys to draw a picture in which there was something to represent each member of the family and their personality or gifts. Talmage is a bird expert, and I loved how he incorporated specific birds to correspond with each family member. 

Lincoln went through a phase several months ago where he would write me messages on paper instead of asking me when he wanted something. I adore his spelling here, and his apology for being "unpashinte." 

Wesley drew these amazing pictures of a knight flying a dragon and then taming the dragon. I was blown away! I loved them so much I had him trace over the light pencil in pen so we could save them without the pencil getting rubbed away.

And this drawing of Lincoln's is just so cute and detailed. I love the footprints on the bottom. 

And here is Wesley's crayon sketch of Buzz Lightyear. He is so good at caricature-type drawing!

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  1. Wow, these are all amazing! I wish I could comment on each one individually, but I'll just sum up my thoughts by saying I love them so much.


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