Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Busy, Busy Benson

Oh, Benson.
He is definitely not our easiest 1-year-old,
but his curiosity, fearlessness, and dogged determination are rather irresistible.
And he is PACKED FULL of hilarious personality!
Our barstools currently reside in the attic because he was climbing on counters and using them to reach whatever his heart desired all day long,
but he has managed to find a way to accomplish what he wants to, regardless.
He empties baskets or boxes and then flips them upside down to give him enough of a boost to heave himself up.
The other day I even found him perched on top of the CPU on our computer desk!

A few examples:

Finding him on the piano isn't uncommon.
I don't mind the kids playing with our olive wood nativity set, but Benson is also rather fond of throwing random things in the garbage and I worried he may lose some pieces.
Why did I think it was any safer on the piano, though?

He has great enthusiasm for being up on the counter.
I am not quite as fond of his love of throwing things from the upper cabinets all over the floor.

I was working on the computer for a few minutes and Benson proactively emptied a basket and used it to help himself to the Christmas chocolates I had been working on.
He looks so pleased with himself, doesn't he?
Smart boy...

He reminds us SO MUCH of Wesley at this age...
from the climbing to the hair/eye/skin colors to the double cowlick on the crown of their heads to the missing lateral incisor to the bright, sunshine-y smiles...
it is amazing.
I guess if we survived it once, we can make it through again! :D
Love you, Bensy-boy!

**Today's Tidbit: With all his fearlessness, Benson is terrified of a remote control car the boys got for Christmas. When it comes near him he runs to me, clings to my legs, and sobs while saying, "Scary monster!" I think the idea of a "monster truck" must have given him the wrong idea!

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