Sunday, November 17, 2019

Wesley's Eight Date

We encourage our kids to read The Book of Mormon before they turn eight,
and as a celebration when they finish and in preparation for their baptism,
we like to take them out individually for a nice dinner.
Wesley wanted pizza, but I told him I had in mind something a bit nicer than Little Caesar's.
So instead we went to a local Italian restaurant that is well-known for their pizzas.
They have (dated) pictures of Venice covering the walls and a large fountain in the middle of the restaurant. Wesley has very seldom been to a restaurant with a waiter/waitress, so he was rather enamored with the whole experience!

Once our waitress found out we were there to celebrate Wesley's birthday,
she brought him a free decadent dessert.
It was so great to spend some time with our Wesley-boy together!
He is such a sweet, grateful, loving boy.

**Today's Tidbit: Sam and ALL the boys stayed home from Church sick today. :( We have a nasty cold that has hit the family. This evening there was a knock at the door and my sweet friend had brought over a freshly baked loaf of homemade bread! She said she had noticed that I was the only one at Church and had assumed the rest of the family must be sick, so she wanted to bring bread. She is one of the best "noticers" I know and I want to be more like her in that way!

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