Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Shelby Farms Clean-Up

For one of our 25 service projects, I contacted Shelby Farms to see if there was anything we could do to volunteer there. They had us come on a gorgeous Saturday to help pick up garbage. The very kind woman gave us all sorts of little mementos for the kids...candy, a keychain so that Benson would get to hold something too, magazines, enormous safety vests for the kids to wear (which they were super happy about), stickers, garbage bags, gloves, and lavish compliments.
It was the kind of project that is super enjoyable for ALL of us.
The boys were able to run around relatively freely and try to find garbage (and even some bones!) while Sam and I enjoyed their antics and basked in the lovely weather and the glorious fact that our house was not getting messier by the minute, since we weren't in it.
They ended it all with some stump jumping!

**Today's Tidbit: This morning it SNOWED! Nothing stuck, but there were actual flurries coming down from the sky! Maxwell saw the flakes and said, "Are dose snowballs??? Dey're soo cutie!" We braved the 19 degree weather and walked about 2.5 miles with my friend and her girls, the boys in the wagon, all bundled up in their coats and blankets. Maxwell, who HATES the cold, whined, "I need a blanket for my face!" So I pulled his hat down to the bottom of his nose and he contentedly spent the majority of our walk with his eyes completely covered, but warm.

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  1. I'm laughing at the image of Maxwell with his hat covering his face. I love your addition of the tidbits! It's kind of like a bonus blog post.


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